Flatwater Armory started out of a passion for family and hunting. Many of my favorite memories growing up in Western Nebraska revolved around hunting and enjoying firearms. I was brought up with a profound respect and understanding of the responsibility that came with owning and using firearms in a safe manner, whether that be on the range or in the field. I was also brought up with an understanding of how firearms function and what makes them run the way they are supposed to run. Taking guns apart, cleaning, fixing, repairing and even building them became a passion that I began to enjoy more as the years went on.

Now that I have a family of my own, I better understand how the lessons from my youth shaped me and the ethos of hunting, the outdoors and responsibly enjoying firearms that I want to pass on to my sons. Which is what led me to start Flatwater…

For me, Flatwater is more than just a hobby or another gun shop. It’s a passion. A passion for doing things right, treating customers the way I want to be treated, sharing stories and knowing that in some way, I might play a small role in helping someone else build memories with their family and friends. I’m passionate about building YOUR best rifle, the rifle you reach to on opening day, that will work without fail, that all members of your family can enjoy, and you can use to create some stories of your own.

hat’s why before I start any build for you, we are going to have a conversation about what’s important to you in a hunting rifle. Weight, accuracy, recoil control, caliber, what you’re going to hunt, where you’re going to hunt, optics, suppressed or unsuppressed, from a tree stand, ground blind, field or mountains. From this, I will tailor and tune your rifle to your needs so that when that case arrives, and you open it, your expectations will be exceeded.