Buying from Flatwater

I wanted buying from Flatwater to be more than just purchasing a rifle. Bottom line, I’m not happy unless you’re happy. I tried to model the purchase process so you could choose your experience. Some people know exactly what they want, don’t want to talk about it and just want to order their rifle. Others may have questions, or want to hear about alternative options. To that end, is my commitment to you.

After your order is placed, I will send you an email to get the information of the FFL where you would like your huntAR rifle sent and asking if you want to discuss your build. In that email, I’ll include a checklist of items that may impact your build and give you the opportunity to comment on anything else you feel is important.

You can ignore the email and after 48 hours I will start ordering any necessary components and getting the huntAR rifle of your choice underway, using a standard setup. You can reply via email and answer the questions on the checklist along with any other comments you feel are important to your build and I’ll use this in the manufacture of your huntAR rifle. Or, some of us are old school and enjoy a conversation. So, we can set up a time that works for both of us and I’ll give you a call to discuss your build.

Typical lead time on builds is 3-4 weeks until shipment of your huntAR rifle.

I will do my best to give you the huntAR rifle of your choice, setup just the way you want it!

Don’t see what you want?

I work with numerous manufacturers…if there’s something that you’d like and I don’t have it listed on my website, email me and we’ll figure it out!