Be Still and Know…four simple, powerful words from Psalm 46.

If you have ever been hunting, then you have likely experienced those moments when everything else has faded away and you’re fully…there. In the moment. Quiet. Motionless. “Feeling” everything around you. At peace. Whole.

At times, it’s right before the sun comes up. When the temp feels like it drops 20 degrees in seconds, and everything gets quiet. Other times it happens mid-day, when you’ve been walking all morning and you stop to take a break and abide in the beauty of the outdoors. That moment after your harvest and how thankful you feel for the opportunity to be outside, to reflect and enjoy the hunt you’ve had and bring home food for your family. The fellowship that comes with hunting, trading stories, spending time with good friends and loved ones.

There’s no more pure or true place that I experience this then when I’m in the outdoors hunting. Those moments described above, where you can just “be” when in the outdoors. Those moments when everything slows down, you can breathe easier and when you look around at all of the beauty of the woods, mountains, plains, rolling hills, rivers or badlands…and you know.

On your next hunting trip, take some time to be still and know…